Hi, I'm Fiona!

I live in Dorking, just south of London and work in the wonderful world of costume for theatre and events. I'm a Costume Supervisor, which in a nutshell means I am responsible for making the designer's ideas a reality. Day to day this can involve sourcing fabrics and haberdashery, buying clothing and footwear, costume fittings, dress rehearsals, organising makers and managing budgets. 

About seven years ago I discovered the amazing world of sewing blogs and decided to stop just admiring the skills of the costume makers I work with give sewing a whirl myself. This spur of the moment idea swiftly developed into an addiction and full blown love affair with fabrics and learning new techniques. I started this blog to track my progress, projects and ideas but through it have also ended up meeting a huge community of fantastic friends. I sew purely for the enjoyment of it and mainly make clothes for myself, although I do enjoy making the odd crafty little project for others and I love sharing all of it with you!

One small thing that some readers are understandably curious about and that you may notice in photos, is that I am missing some of my fingers and toes. I was born without them due to a fairly rare condition which occurs in the womb called 'amniotic band syndrome'. A couple of incredible surgeons worked their magic throughout my childhood to give me pretty awesome function in my hands...which means that I can now sew, woohoo!

If you'd like to see more of my sewing and for a glimpse behind the scenes you can follow me on social media using the buttons to the right.

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I love to hear from anyone who shares my love for sewing or blogging!