Friday 23 December 2011

Christmas Preparations!

I know this is predominantly supposed to be a blog about sewing clothing and craft projects but I must say the majority of what I've been making in the run up to the big day is baking! I've really only started baking this year so what you see here are really all my first attempts....

Mince Pies - I've now made a few batches using the orange pastry recipe from here and they've gone down a storm! Each batch has evolved slightly, the last batch (top) definitely looked the best after I had finally found a star cutter the right size instead of cutting them out by hand. I think the final batch also tasted best after I trialled some mincemeat with Port and Orange in...mmmmm!

Yule Log - Take my word for it, this did not taste as good as it looked. I used a recipe from a Cadburys Cookbook and for future reference that quantity of Cadbury's Flake, Bournville and Chestnut Puree filling all together NOT a good idea! Still we all appreciated how nice it looked on the table...

I made some little boxes of shortbread biscuits to send family friends with their Christmas cards. I just thought I'd love it if a little festive box of biscuits turned up on my doorstep and as far as I've heard this little experiment has proved that shortbread does hold up well in the post!

Along with the stockings I blogged about making a little while ago I've also done a little bit of sewing/crafting for the Christmas table including making a runner from the lovely Scandinavian fabric below which I actually got in Ikea! They also had paper napkins and wrapping paper in the same print so I've created some homemade crackers to match. I'm quite excited about setting up the table so I'll put up a picture of it complete post festivities.
And finally here's a festive picture of a reindeer I met the other day...
Merry Christmas!!

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  1. That yule log looks so darn good I don't want to belive it wasn't! I sent out shortbread to some family members this christmas and they all loved it! (well at least they were all being polite and said they loved it)
    I will definitely be taking note of the orange mince pie recipe they sound so scrummy!


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