Saturday 18 February 2012

Back to the Land of the Sewing

Hello again world! So there’s been a fairly huge gap in between posts (just as I was getting in to the swing of posting regularly!) because I have recently moved flats and the chaos having my things everywhere but where I need them and trying to find furniture and being without internet for almost three weeks (well done there Sky!) has resulted in me falling off the planet! But I am now very settled in the lovely Bromley, where the temptation is to go shopping every five minutes with the Glades shopping centre just around the corner…or should I say to go browsing for ideas for sewing projects?! I have spotted quite a few details in new trends recently which I’m feeling very inspired by and I’m determined to make not buy my way into a whole new wardrobe which I love. I’ve got some kind of new found sewing creativity going on at the moment; I’m sure where this has materialised from but I’m thinking perhaps a combination of the lack of creative production over the last few weeks, the prospect of fabric shopping this weekend, getting back in to some serious Mad Men watching (who can not be inspired by those dresses?) and also very importantly my brand new lovely designated sewing area! Photos of that to come!

With all the move chaos the trip to Walthamstow market has been postponed and postponed but is finally happening this weekend and I am fully prepared! I know I’ll get there, get overwhelmed and just end up buying random amounts of fabrics I think are pretty then get home and realise I don’t actually have anything I need to make any of the patterns I’ve got lined up. So I’ve made myself a lovely spreadsheet of the patterns and projects I want to make next along with the types of fabrics recommended for each garment and the yardage. 

I’m then going to print this off and take it with me so I have a handy one page reference of all the fabrics I am looking for and what purposes to keep me focused. I’ve also included a handy column with all the notions needed for each project so if I find the ideal fabric I can then get all the notions in the appropriate colours so when I get home I’m ready to get cracking! There’s nothing more annoying than getting held up mid creative flow because you don’t have the right zip or popper. 

This little bit of organisation has made me feel a lot more positive about the endless list of things I want to make, I think I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with all the ideas, so much so that I haven’t started any one thing. Hopefully with a little bit of structure progress will be made. So keep your eyes peeled for hopefully a very excited me posting later in the weekend a post filled with pictures of beautiful fabrics and notions!

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