Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Big Sewing Area Unveiling!

Aaaah! It makes me so happy to finally have a proper place to sew. My lovely wonderful man set up this little area for me as one of the first things we sorted out when we moved in and I can’t stop just sitting here and looking at all my lovely things around me and looking out the lovely big sash window which is perfect for letting in lots of light for me to sew in. I seriously need to get on with some sewing rather than just wallowing in my new found space and daydreaming.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced when trying to be more productive with my sewing is the act of PREPARING to sew. It’s so easy when you’re sitting in front of the telly on a Saturday afternoon (yes it’s Soccer Saturday, don’t judge) thinking ‘I should really do some of this project or that project’ but then the thought of actually digging out all the tools and bits of fabric and notions and the right thread and setting up the machine before the satisfaction of actually achieving something can even start is a right put off to be honest. But now I can keep my sewing machine out and everything I could possibly need is there in one place. No more opening every box in the big store cupboard to find the perfect button or rummaging under the bed for the other sewing machine foot!

So I’m still fiddling with exactly where and how I want certain things stored and I guess this will develop as I start sewing and figure out what’s easiest to have close by. It’s quite a small area where everything is kept but the room itself is quite big so there’s plenty of space to spread. Mister has got a music space the other side of the room for practice and giving lessons and we’re also planning on getting a dining table in here which can fold out so I can use it as a big flat space for pattern cutting which will be A-MAZING. Until then, there’s a whole lot of floor going on. I love Bromley and the fact that we can get so much more space with our money. And the best thing about it is we’ve got a separate little sitting room so when I get in a strop with a zip and need a bit of a telly break I can just shut the door on it then start up again later. Did I mention the fact that I love the new flat in Bromley??

So the main storage for my sewing bits is a good old Ikea Billy bookcase with boxes containing various treasures. On here I’ve got my sewing basket, my box of threads and a couple of boxes of useful paper and card for drafting and tracing. I don’t know about everyone else but I like to have all these messy little things tucked away in nice boxes. I can’t sew in a mess; I need a clean, clutter free space to spread out in.

On the lower shelves I’ve got all my sewing and costume related books as well as folders with my pattern cutting work. I figured it would be really useful to be able to just reach down for a bit of reference when I’m a bit stuck, plus they just look nice.

I’ve also got a new box containing all my patterns, which now number a fair few with all my Nan’s vintage numbers. It’s really nice to have them safely tucked away in a designated place to be looked after. Also in here are the little examples of tailor’s tacks and basting which my Nan sent me in the post when I started out on this sewing quest, what a smile that brought to my face on opening!

All my fabric is in a box concealed in the opposite corner of the room – another reason why I need to get sewing otherwise I’m going to have to invest in a bigger box! There’s space for my machine to be stored under the desk in its little case when we’re using the room for other purposes (although I like seeing it on the side!) I’m toying with the idea of saving up for some kind of folding screen to pull across when I’ve made a bit of a mess and we want to use the dining table but I’m worried about it blocking the light. My blokey doesn’t think it’s necessary but we’ll wait and see what he thinks when he sees how much mess I’m capable of making!

Above the corner cabinet is my notice board, which is handy in so many ways. I’ve been displaying upcoming projects and quick reference sheets with things like how to use my French curve on here. I think it could also be useful to pin up the pattern envelope of what I’m currently working on too, looking at the illustration of what I’m working towards might keep me motivated.

I’ve also got my Fashion Avenue street sign up which my Mum brought back from New York for me, perfect don’t you think?! Better than the one which has temporarily found a home on the other side of the room anyway…

You may have noticed I’ve got a little telly tucked in the corner too; this is not just for me but it is a strange trait that I’ve always had that I work best with the telly on. Many people have said this is weird to me in the past as they just find it distracting but I love putting on a box set and settling down to a long session. Plus I can still have Soccer Saturday on! Best of both worlds! How does everyone else like to work? With music, with company or in complete quiet?

Best get cracking on becoming a dressmaker extraordinaire now I’ve got this all set up!

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