Saturday 3 March 2012

Discoveries: Independent Pattern Companies

I thought I would just quickly share with you some fantastic pattern companies which I have just discovered. You may well all know about these already but I think they deserve some praise anyway!

I am completely in LOVE with Salme Patterns. I think I would wear/use every single one of them. They have a very simple and classic design which is so exciting as these are just the sort of clothes I love to wear day to day and I could see me making many of the patterns over and over again until I have a complete wardrobe of Salme patterns! They also look fairly straightforward and quick to construct so ideal for me right now and are incredibly reasonably priced. I think I'm going to be going on a little spending spree later today. just which patterns to choose is the problem!

Next up Victory Patterns who I'm sure many of the sewing community have heard of and even used; I know I've read on some blogs recently various plans to make up their Hazel dress. These patterns have a quirky and contemporary edge to them with some really fun details in the design. I like these patterns because they look like you could really put your own stamp on them by your fabric choice or just some slight amendments to the pattern.

Pattern Runway sells through an Etsy shop and also has a great blog! They do classic designs with a bit of a twist which is great as you can use so many different fabrics to create something really your own. I particularly like the scallop hem shorts, very flattering on the short legged like me and also very unique!

Grainline Studio only has a few patterns available at the moment but I'm liking what I see so far! The patterns are again very classic, giving you a great scope for fabric choice. The vest and t-shirt patterns would give you such a great choice of prints and trims to work with the possibilities would be endless! I  love the above dress for the simple shape yet brilliant use of bands of contrasting colour.

I'm hoping the success of these new pattern companies is a sign of things to come; more companies producing simple and classic patterns that give the seamstress freedom of creativity when it comes to amendments to the pattern and fabric choice/embelishment. It makes pattern purchases so much more worthwhile and sewing so much more exciting when you can use your creativity to reuse patterns again and again. I also love how classic yet contemporary and youthful these patterns are - there's been such a rise in younger sewists appearing out of the woodwork over the last couple of years and I can only see this increasing when pattern development is heading this way.

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