Sunday 22 April 2012


I took an impromptu month off of blogging! Without meaning to I might add! I've been itching to get typing and stitching but just simply haven't had the time. For the first few weeks I'd been really beating myself up about it actually, feeling that I should be devoting more time to my sewing and the blog, until I realised that sewing is meant to be something I enjoy and I shouldn't be stressing about it but simply enjoying any time I do get to spend doing it. I shouldn't be rushing through projects so I end up with a haphazard finished result which I'm not particularly proud of or forcing myself to sit at the machine or pick up the chalk when I'm exhausted and just want to crash in front of the TV. But it's so frustrating not to have the time I want to devote to improving my sewing! Does anyone else end up stressed out by self imposed sewing deadlines and project plans? How do you deal with it?

Anyway things have been a little crazy around here. One fairly huge event was I leaving my job at the NT Costume Hire Department and beginning a new job on the costume team for the 2012 Olympic Ceremonies a few days later! It is incredibly exciting and still hasn't really sunk in as it was all a bit of a last minute whirlwind change but I do know that it is taking over my life; not that i'm complaining as I could not be happier! However it does mean that over the next few months sewing and the blog may have to take a bit of a back seat. I am still fully intending on sewing whenever I can (particularly for the Sew Cinematic challenge!) and I have a full week off coming up which I'm planning on devoting to exactly that. I have at least managed to keep up with everyone's blogs and am as usually constantly inspired to see what everyone else has been up to.

View from the new desk!
It was also my wonderful man's birthday a couple of weeks ago for which we visited Brighton, staying in a gorgeous seafront hotel. Neither of us had been before, even though it's only just over an hour away on the train and I throughly enjoyed strolling along the seafront and pier. I also managed to steal a bit of time to hunt out the infamous Ditto fabrics for a browse! I often browse their online store so it was great to see their stock hands on. We also came a across a  lovely flea market with all things vintage including sewing patterns(!) so I was in heaven!

The one bit of exciting sewing related news I have cropped up during a family visit over the Easter weekend. My Nan had mentioned to me that she had this old coffee table which doubled as storage for sewing supplies and I was very welcome to have it if it was of use but she didn't know if i'd like it because it was a gift from my Grandad for her 21st birthday so it was quite old. This makes it early 1960s. Why on earth would she think that I would not like that?!!! Anyway on hunting out from the attic it of course turned out to be absolutely gorgeous! In need of a little polish but here it is!

The lid opens on hinges to reveal a little tray for thread, pattern marking equipment and other notions. This tray can slide from side to side or lift out completely to reveal a larger storage section underneath. There was even a little envelope of my Nan's old button order forms from the 1960s in there, amazing! Inside the lid there is also a padded section to which items can be pinned to.

It's still at my mum's at the moment but I can't wait to get it here and fill it with all my little bits and pieces! I can't decide whether to use the bigger storage area for patterns or fabrics, or maybe projects which are underway, what do you think?

Speaking of projects which are underway I do have a few on the go so hopefully there will be come completed projects on their way soon. I promise it won't be a month next time at least!

For now here's a quick pic of something I did make (and finish!) over the last month, a yummy scrummy chocolate Easter Nest Torte!


  1. Lucky girl, three times over - a weekend away in one of my favourite places, secondly for the fab needlework box/coffee table, and finally for landing a dream job. Well done, you must be excited!

  2. Hello Fiona and thank you for visiting me & leaving a lovely comment. I am so wowed that you have such an amazing job.... and to be involved in the Olympics.... what a fantastic experience :-)
    Great sewing storage table too!

    1. Hi! Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! I've only just discovered yours (I think possibly through Karen at Didyoumakethat?!) and I'm thoroughly enjoying the read! Thanks for your lovely comment about my job, I'm so excited and have to kick myself everyday. I promise there'll be some more sewing related blogging up here soon!

  3. What a gorgeous coffee table. Wow, I'm quite envious. I would love to add something like that to my sewing space...when I have one officially of course :)


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