Sunday 20 May 2012

Football Related Post - Sorry (But there is some sewing involved!)

I just couldn't resist...
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Just look at the joy in that face

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But to make it a little bit more sewing orientated here's a cushion I made for my sister before I started blogging.

The Chelsea logo is cross-stitched and measures about 10" x 10" and took a LONG time! But I love the therapeutic nature of stitching in front of the telly and how neat and accurate cross stitch turns out so it was one of my favourite projects.

I made it into a very simple cushion cover by creating a frame for the cross stitch from some soft blue felted fabric using mitred corners. I then created a back out of the same blue fabric in the same size as the frame and stitched it all together. I just made the opening at the back overlap by quite an amount rather than fussing about with any kind of fastening. I decided to keep it very simple as I thought the cross stitch was enough of a feature on it's own!

Blogging about this has made me want to get started on another big cross stitch project!


  1. Hi, where did you get the cross stitch pattern from? I am looking to do one for my grandson.


    1. Hi,
      It was such a long time ago when I started it that I can't really remember but this looks like the one I used.
      Be prepared it takes a LONG time! Happy Sewing!

  2. How long is a LONG time? I came across your cushion and completed cross stitch in a google search and thought this would be a fantastic 60th birthday present for my Dad in May. I just want to make sure I could get it done in time!

    1. Hi Emma! O I'm sure you can get it done by May! I made this quite a while ago now so it's hard to say exactly but I remember a lot of evenings in front of the TV stitching. I think I made to over the course of a couple of months in my free time, and I work full time so it's not like I was doing it all the time or anything. It's a really satisfying project, I say go for it! Just don't leave it until the last minute! Good luck!


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