Friday 11 January 2013


Yes that's right, just in case the title didn't explain it clearly enough I've just booked a trip to New York! I'm going with my little sister during the school Easter holidays as she's a primary school teacher. We're staying in an apartment booked through airbnb after recommendations from a few people that this is a money friendly option and also a great way to experience the city. It's right bang in the middle of Manhattan a few blocks away from the Empire State Building. We're going for a week and I'm taking good shoes for walking, there's ALOT of shopping and exploring planned!

My sister and I on our last trip to the Big Apple!
We've both been before when we were younger but have had this trip in mind for years and YEARS as we wanted to go just the two of us when we can both finance the trip (and a fair bit of spending while we're there too - let's be honest!) ourselves and of course when we were both old enough to enjoy a cocktail or two! It's more than exciting that the time has finally arrived when we are in a situation to do this and I CANNOT wait for the big departure date!

I have a feeling there will be a repeat of this incident...but worse!
Mini-me is a shop-a-HOLIC

So I am announcing this on here (yes because I just cannot keep my excitement to myself!) but also because I want your tips, tricks and advice on places to go and things to see. Sewing related and non-sewing related, all ideas are welcome; I want to see and experience as much of the city as we can in a week! I am of course planning a trip to the legendary Mood!

Image Source: Taylor and Demolish


  1. New blog reader here (and a New Yorker). Mood is Mecca and an awesome place to start. Be sure to hit 39th Street between 7th and 8th. It's like the bargain alley of the Garment District. Fabrics for Less has lovely coatings and they're currently running a sale with $4/yd cotton. Chic Fabrics and Paron are on the same block and are just great. For notions and trim, Steinlauf and Stoller (also on 39th) and Pacific Trim are aces. Metro Textiles on 38th has amazing silk and the world's friendliest owner. You have to stop by B&J if only for the experience. The blog Shop the Garment District has much more comprehensive reviews than I could give in a comment.

    Good luck! I can't wait to read about your New York adventures with your sister.

    1. Thanks so much for the tips! I'm so excited about Mood! I'm checking out the Shop the Garment District blog now thanks!


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