Wednesday 16 January 2013

Premio Blog Award!

I've been nominated for another blog award! It's so lovely that my 2013 hope of being more involved in the blogging community is off to a flying start!

After last week's One Lovely Blog/Very Inspiring Blog Award, Sonja at Ginger Makes nominated me for the Premio Blog Award. Ginger Makes is one of my favourite blogs to read, Sonja's so entertaining and her makes are always stylish, colourful, wearable and unique.

This award is all about people who take the time to comment on other people's blogs, so from my 'getting more involved' point of view it's really exciting that Sonja picked me as one of the new commenters on her blog. The fact that she's noticed new commenters and taken the time to check them out, along with the attention that she gives to the comments on her blog is so lovely and just one example of the general kindness and support that is to be found out there in sewing blog land!

So the requirements of this nomination are that I in turn nominate the last nine people who commented on my blog. If you are not already familiar with these blogs make sure you check them out!

And of course make sure to give Ginger Makes a read too! Thanks Sonja!


  1. Thank you Fiona! I love coming to see what you're up to!

  2. Congratulations on two awards in one month! And thank you for nominating me! :)

  3. lovely...thank you so much!


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