Monday 20 May 2013

Me-Made-May Week 2!

I'm still going and I'm still enjoying it! I was super excited about Me-Made-May this week as I was going to get to wear my very special Elisalex dress to my boyfriend's brother's wedding! This in fact was one of the reason's I ended up signing up this year, because I knew I had one day sorted already!

Friday May 10th: My boyfriend's brother's wedding!
Shoes: Teal Court Shoes - Marks & Spencer
Bag: Hot Pink Satin Clutch - T K Maxx
Accessories: Hot Pink Petal Earrings - V&A Museum Shop

Saturday May 11th: Relaxing and recovering(!) at the hotel wedding venue
Trousers: Levi Jeans - Macy's Sale
Shoes: Cream and Turquoise Ballet Pumps - Primark

Tuesday May 14th: A morning of costume shopping and an afternoon of fittings
Trousers: Levi Jeans (again!) - Macy's sale
Jacket: Black Tuxedo Style - Urban Outfitters Sale
Shoes: Nude Ballet Pumps - Primark
Accessories: Green Rosebud Earrings - V&A Museum Shop

Putting together these photos, along with my photos of the first week, I've noticed I've been wearing jeans an awful lot! There are a couple of reasons for this. I generally do wear jeans a lot; my job involves a lot of running around in all weathers shopping, getting hands on and practical doing costume fittings and moving rails around and being backstage in the theatre. Jeans and trainers are the ideal uniform for this I'm afraid! Much as I'd prefer to be wearing lovely, pretty things everyday. Another factor is that when I'm not wearing jeans I wear dresses a lot. Most of my 'suitable for everyday wear' me-mades are tops and I don't have many bottoms to pair them with apart from jeans. I think I need to concentrate on sewing skirts and dresses for a while (hooray!) or perhaps even tackle trousers...eek


  1. Cute outfits! I'm with you-- I wear jeans allllll the time, but I've never made any. I haven't even done any MMM roundup posts because my outfits are so boring!

    1. Thanks Sonja! I'm kind of boring myself with my outfit posts! Hoping that that in itself will help me come up with some more exciting and jean free outfits, I just want to be comfy at work!


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