Friday 24 May 2013

Me-Made-May Week 3! (and Gatsby!)

So I completely failed in my attempt to wear jeans less, well at least when wearing me-made. I did wear ready to wear dresses a few times this week, I have a lot of comfy jersey dresses in my wardrobe that are fairly practical but still make me feel a bit pulled together (mainly the same style of French Connection one over and over again in different print, even the same print and different colours!). When we actually get nice weather they become a bit of a summer staple, especially the maxi dresses which I am loving even more this year. I think I need to get making pronto before Me-Made-May is over and get the hang of knits, I know I wear jersey dresses a lot so why haven't I made any?!

Anyway, on to the me-mades:

Thursday May 16th: Costume shopping, budgeting and a little bit of home sewing
Trousers: Levi Skinny Jeans - Macy's
Coat: Lightweight Mac - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Leopard Print Pumps - H&M (otherwise known as the heel cutters!)
Accessories: Turquoise and Silver Earrings - Forever 21

Friday May 17th: Date night - The Great Gatsby, chippy for dinner and cider!
Skirt: Floral Print Mini - Topshop
Tights: Thick Black - Wolford
Shoes: Black Suede Ankle Boots - Steve Madden
Accessories: Gold Bow Necklace - Forever 21
& Skinny Leopard Print Belt - Primark
(no jeans - hooray!)

Tuesday May 21st: First Preview for my Romeo & Juliet = lots of frantic running around
Top: Me-Made Dip Hem Grainline Scout Tee (again!)
Trousers: Skinny Jeans - Primark
Jacket: Black Tuxedo Style - Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Converse All Stars - JD Sports
Bag: Grey Satchel Style - Century 21 (NYC)
Accessories: Brass Dangly Earrings - Camden Market

It's been quite hectic work wise last week and I've been feeling a bit shattered which makes it so much harder to be creative when getting dressed in the morning! So apologies for the similarity of some outfits compared to those gone before. I desperately need the sun to come out next week so I can wear a Lonsdale!

As you may have noticed though, I did manage to get to see The Great Gatsby on Friday which was exciting! I really enjoyed it but wasn't blown away. I didn't expect to be really when I love the book so much, but I do love Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio who did not disappoint. I'd say the costumes were '20's inspired' rather than at all historically accurate and I didn't really love any of the girls costumes (especially not Isla Fisher's as Myrtle) but some of the boy's suits were gorgeous. I know some of the female costumes were designed in collaboration with Prada and I could definitely see that 'contemporary fashion doing a twist on 20's' thing happening, which I guess fit with the idea of making the film more accessible to a modern audience by using Jay-Z in the soundtrack for example. It was a fun take on the story but I'm not sure if I would have preferred to see it done in complete period accuracy though as the 1920's setting is such an exciting and key part of the book to me. But then that's all be done before... All in all still very fun to ogle at though, a visual whirlwind as all Luhrmann films are! Has anyone else been to see it yet?


  1. A leisurely breakfast finally means I can comment on your blog :-) I thought your lace grainline tee worked really well - it looked like a real wardrobe staple. It's great to make one off beautiful things but disappointing when they can only be worn a handful of times. I loved your take on The Great Gatsby and the costume accuracy perspective - really interesting.
    I also have to say that your turquoise wedding outfit dress was gorgeous! And so beautiful on the inside too :-)

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Louise! I'm definitely going to try to focus on making regularly wearable things at the moment! Lovely to discover a new blog to follow too!

  2. It's so hard to move away from jeans with my me-made tops! I'm with you-- I need to make some more wearable, everyday dresses.

    1. I've got one on the go right now! Hoping to be able to wear it this week!


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