Sunday 31 May 2015

May Indie Pattern Update!

So May has been the month of the Spring/Summer collection releases! We have been inundated with choice of new patterns this month. Luckily I've had a bit of time off and churned through some of my never ending sewing queue so I might be able to treat myself to a couple of new additions!

New Indie Pattern Companies!

  • Annie from Nine Stitches launched her new company Sew This Pattern with her first pattern, the Pin Pegs Mini Skirt! I'm really taken with the contemporary design which features an asymmetrical hem and diagonal zip closure.
  • Lilith & Eve released their very first pattern, LE101! It has two very different variations, one a button down tank and the other a long sleeved shirt, both with a gorgeous draped back and curved yoke. A paper version of the pattern is coming soon!

New Patterns

  • Papercut Patterns launched their Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Chameleon. The Rise & Fall Turtleneck is my favourite, although I absolutely love the look of the Guise Pants too but they're one of those styles that I just can't pull off!
  • Lily Sage & Co. released two new patterns this month. The first was the Wonderland Skirt and the second the Branson Top. I love seeing unique designs like this being released; the fitted yoke of the skirt I think is particularly interesting.
  • Style Arc's new pattern offerings included the Hazel Combo, a couple of beach cover ups and the Faith Woven Top which was the freebie of the month. They are also offering more pattern packs which come complete with the fabric; this month's releases are for the Demi Drape Top and Lea Wrap Dress along with more Designer Leggings.
  • Vanessa Pouzet recently released the Fatale Sister Pencil Skirt which features an exposed centre back zip. I love her samples and might need to brush up on my French so I can tackle it!
  • Itch To Stitch released the Lindy Petal Skirt pattern which is designed for knits and is also FREE! After testing Kennis's Marbella Dress last year I can highly recommend taking the chance to try out one of her patterns for free as the instructions are so thorough and well thought out.
  • The latest release from Paprika Patterns is the Onyx Shirt, which is their take on the woven t-shirt. It has lots of options within the two variations to create the look you want, including sleeves, sleeves with cuffs or no sleeves, two heights of neckline and the choice to make it shirt length or cropped.
  • Madalynne released a FREE pattern for the sequin bra she made earlier in the month. It's named Mallori Lane and is just for A and B cup sizes. I've seen some lovely lace versions popping up on various blogs.
  • The recent release from Straight Stitch Designs is the Greenwood Tank which is a classic knit top design featuring two back options. It's the first in a collection of Straight Stitch Basics which sound really interesting.
  • I've been eagerly awaiting the release of Dixie DIY's Bonnell Dress and now I've seen Lindsay's chambray test version I think I'm going to have to make a purchase! It's available in 10 sizes and has one of my favourite design features, a back v-neck along with triangular cut outs at the side seams.
  • Another company with an entire collection release this month is Schnittchen, with 10 new offerings. It wasn't actually until I was writing this that I properly checked out the new patterns and I may need to take a little break to possibly purchase that Judith Jumpsuit!
  • Hot Patterns released the Fast & Fabulous Shirt Tail Tees, a pattern for slouchy knit tops. I think you could have some real fun with pattern placement on the variations with the pieced front!
  • Colette Patterns have been releasing some gorgeous designs with their monthly Seamwork Magazine but this month they treated us with a new addition to their main collection, the Aster Button Up.
  • Megan Nielsen has launched her redesigned paper patterns, starting with the ever popular Tania Culottes and Darling Ranges Dress plus a brand new design, the Brumbie Skirt. I love those big pockets and Sallieoh's voile version is just gorgeous!
  • And last but by no means least, Christine Haynes' big new release is the Sylvie Dress. I'm in love with the gingham sample she made for picnic's in the park and think the full skirt is perfect for a border print I've been hoarding!


  • There's been a sew-along running for the Named Jamie Jeans over on Indie Sew. I've got a pair of these cut out (along with a pair of Gingers which I really need to get started on!) so will definitely be referring back to this for extra guidance.
  • The sew-along for Colette Patterns' new Aster will be coming soon so keep an eye out over on for that!
  • Jen from Grainline Studio is running a sew-along for the already very popular Morris Blazer, which was released last month. It starts tomorrow (Monday 1st June) over on the Grainline blog.


  • Norma from Orange Lingerie revealed that she is working on a new thong and brief pattern to go with the Marlborough Bra. I know how popular the bra has been within the sewing community so I'm sure this news is going to go down a storm!
  • By Hand London have revealed a few hints on their Instagram at their next release, the Zeena Dress. Fingers crossed we should be seeing it sometime next month!
  • I was very excited to spot a sneak peak of what looked to be a swimsuit pattern on Maison Fleur's Instagram account. After making the Closet Case Files Bombshell last year I'm keen to make some more swimwear this year so am looking out for some interesting designs.
  • Kennis from Itch to Stitch just put out a call for testers for her next pattern, the Angelia Shorts. They have a huge number of pocket options and interesting details to choose from!
  • Tilly and the Buttons has a new pattern coming this week!

Other Exciting News

  • Iconic Patterns relaunched an updated version of their Jess Jeans pattern. It now includes options for a button or zip fly and the PDF version now has various printing formats to choose from.
  • Menswear pattern company Thread Theory released the paper versions of their Finlayson Sweater, Jutland Pants and first ladies wear pattern the Camas Blouse. I'm yet to try out one of their printed patterns but love the look of their packaging.
  • Continuing their work to make their entire collection available in PDF format the By Hand London Elisalex Dress is now available as a digital download.
  • As well as relaunching her paper patterns with a gorgeous new look Megan Nielsen revealed her brand new Pattern App! It's available free from the app store and I really think Megan might have hit on something in terms of the future of sewing patterns. It makes it easy to access all the pattern information you might need as well as all the sewing instructions, negating the need to print out instructions with your PDF.
  • Waffle Patterns have made their Cookie Jacket and Warabi Tunic patterns available in more sizes. The range is now from a 31.5"-43" bust and both patterns are 10% off for the next week!

As always if you can think of any news I've missed or if you're an indie designer with some more info for me please feel free to make a comment below or shoot me an email. To finish up here's your monthly dose of indie sewing inspiration! 

  • I LOVE how Lauren hacked the Lady Skater pattern into a wrap dress! Such a great idea and it's turned out really beautifully. I've been thinking about making a wrap dress for a while now and I've already got this pattern in my stash...
  • Heather Lou's Asaka Kimono is jaw-droppingly beautiful! What an absolutely perfect pattern for that crazily stunning fabric!
  • Lindsay has been knocking up some stunning garments recently; I particularly love her version of the Delphi Maxi Dress. It's made me take a second look at that pattern!
  • Queen of how to use a print to it's best advantage, Marcy has struck again with her two piece jumpsuit combo of a Vogue bodice and the Holly Jumpsuit trousers! Not technically a full indie  pattern project but I love it so much I had to include it anyway!
  • Anna's sunny yellow combination of the Kim Dress bodice and Salme Flared Mini Skirt has turned out beautifully! The exposed blue zip in the centre back is a lovely touch.


    1. Oh goodness, I've missed so much this month! Maybe I'm getting old - thanks goodness I've got your catch me up on the indie news I miss! Thanks for always doing such great roundups, and I'm glad you had a bit more time to sew this month! :)

      1. Me too Gillian, it's been so nice to be back at my machine! I feel like I'm missing so much these days too, there are so many new patterns and even new companies every month

    2. I don't think Megan Nielsen has hit on anything with an app. All this info about the envelope is available from my smart phone, and the instructions (which I like printing out) is available on your computer or tablet if you don't want to print them, no one wants to read those instructions on a tiny smart phone. If this is the future image an app for every company? An app with the pattern info at your fingertips would be far more helpful from a Big 4 company, especially if it includes out of print patterns. --- As for the offerings I'm a bit underwhelmed. Some might say the Pin Pegs mini looks modern, but it just looks sloppy and mismatched to me. Nothing earth shattering but I think the Hot Patterns tees look useful. The Lilith & Eve offering seems like a Frankenstein of a pattern. That draped back doesn't seem to go with those fronts. Oh well, there is always June!

      1. Ah it's a real shame nothing grabbed your attention this month, although maybe that's a good thing for the bank balance so I'd probably be relieved! There are so many new releases all the time at the moment I'm sure something will come up in June like you say. With a lot of the new patterns I have to say I often really appreciate an inventive design or unusual construction but have to admit to myself that they are not my style before I make an unwise purchase!
        I'm an old fashioned paper girl at heart but am decidedly keen on the app idea. I can totally understand that it's not for everyone but I like having everything in one place and being able to find the instructions at a moments notice like that, especially if I want to look back at a part I liked when working on another project. Also I quite often watch things on netflix on my computer when I sew so having to keep flicking on and off to the instructions really irritates me! It would be great if the Big 4 did something like that. What a huge project though!

      2. LOL you cracked me up with the Frankenstein bit, Rainpatter! My reaction was somewhat similar. I know how you feel - it's becoming a bit much of a muchness, either patterns that are very similar or patterns that seem to try a little too hard. I really like the Branson top though by Lily Sage - and bought it as soon as it came out. I think it might make a cool dress, too.

        Thanks for this as always Fiona - it is so nice of you to inform and tempt us:). I got the Maison Fleur blouse last month - thanks to you - I love that style and had nothing like it. To be honest, after the initial while of buying practically every indie pattern that came out that was even slightly my style, I've become much more discriminating. My pattern collection is enormous, and I would need 3 lifetimes to make it all! So no more buying a pattern just because I like the collar, etc etc.....

      3. I love that you guys are having this kind of discussion about pattern consumption here as I have definitely been feeling like that this year. Despite liking so many of the new releases I actually very rarely make new pattern purchases as I do feel like I have so many patterns already it needs to be really different to what I already have to be worth it. It's very easy to get carried away and spend money unnecessarily (I mean surely being able to adapt a pattern you already have to be exactly what you want is one of the bonuses of sewing!) so sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable about suggesting so many in these posts but hey you guys seem to like it!
        Making the Branson as a dress is a great idea, the waistline would really suit it. So pleased that I could show you something that was ideal enough to buy last month, great choice!

    3. Ohh, but there is an upcoming goodie from Adrianna from Hey June Patterns, the Byscaine Blouse ;)

      1. O Andreia thank you! Hey June Patterns are new to me, how exciting! I'll make sure to include the blouse in next month's update so more people get to see it in a fresh post

    4. I always look forward to these posts! I missed the Lindy skirt, and I love a free pattern! The Bonnell dress is also super cute. Thanks for sharing!

      1. You're welcome Sharon! I love the design of the Lindy Skirt too, was so surprised to see that it was free!

    5. I really love this review, thank you so much
      It make me want to sew this morning... But i have to go to work...

      1. O no! Glad it got you inspired though! Sometimes when I need a bit of motivation just looking at other people's blogs gets me running to my machine!

    6. Green Bee is releasing the Pearl Shift (at least for pre-order) in June, too!

      1. Amazing, thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to include that next month!

    7. I love reading all your blogposts! You are such an inspiration. I like that you write in such detail. Compagine M released a culotte and A-line skirt end of May and there is a pattern tour going on with a lot of nice versions.

      1. Ah that's such a lovely thing to hear Helena! Sometimes I feel like my posts are too long and that no one is going to want to read all that waffle but it's all the little details of sewing that I love to hear about so I don't want to leave anything out! Thanks so much for that tip, I'll include it in next month's round up so that everyone can see

    8. Thank you so much for another fascinating post, it must take you ages! I'm definitely going to make the londy petal skirt!

      1. It doesn't take too long Mags, plus I really enjoy it! I hope you enjoy sewing up Lindy!


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