Monday 31 August 2015

August Indie Pattern Update!

So I am currently in LA (Eeeeee!) and wrote this post before I went so anything exciting that happened in the last couple of days in August is probably missing, I'm very sorry and will update as soon as I can! This month passed by in a crazy blur of a lot of work and very little sewing so despite being super excited about my trip I also can't wait to get home and get a project under my machine! Writing this and looking at all the new patterns has made me really want to sew!

New Patterns

  • Republique du Chiffon released the Areli Dress and Tunic. The design features a bib front and yokes which can be accentuated with colour blocking or piping. I really like the belted version of the dress.
  • Fabrics for Sale released their very first pattern (the Tulip Co-Ordinates) which you can receive free with any order over £35. it's really on trend and I like the amount of volume in the culottes.
  • The new pattern from Blueprints for Sewing is the Saltbox, which a tee or tank with an asymmetrical design. The top is pieced at the front and back and the style lines are inspired by the shape of a roof.
  • Seamster Patterns released the Sorrel Dress & Top. It features a peter pan Collar which is colour blocked into the garment rather than laying separately on top. I love this idea and also the proportions of the narrow collar and wide neckline which skims the collar bones. At first it will only be available as part of the first pattern bundle of Sewing Indie Month.
  • The new release from Sew House Seven is the Rose City Halter Dress. It's the kind of dress I'd love to be able to wear every day in summer and I'm seriously tempted by the pattern
  • Itch to Stitch released two patterns this month, the Carey Top and Davina Dress (both currently on sale). The Davina is a very flattering cut and has 5 sleeve options!
  • Hot Patterns released the Metropolitan Chimera Jacket. It's a relaxed fit jacket, designed for stable knits with lots of variations including a vest and two sleeve lengths. I like how they've styled it for evening on the envelope.
  • Style Arc's new releases for the month included the Courtney Top, Sabel Boyfriend Cardigan, Agnes Designer Dress, Mary Shift Dress (this month's freebie with any purchase) and the Joni Knit Track Pant which I am really taken with the style lines for. These are cuffed and feature wrap around side seams. 
  • Lily Sage & Co released the Splash Swimsuit. I love this design, particularly the one piece which has an open back that cut's around the size with angular design lines. I think this might be one that makes it's way into my collection!
  • I was really pleased to see a new pattern arrive from Salme Patterns, the Cut Out Halter Top. It's another chic and simple design that I think would work well in a whole range of fabrics.
  • Melissa from Fehr Trade released the Kimono Sweat which is a looser fitting activewear design than the rest of her collection. Perfect for layering or even wearing day to day.
  • The Lemon Squeeze Cardigan is the new pattern from Snapdragon Studios. It's a quick and easy project that looks great in loads of different fabrics. I love their lace sample version! Currently available in PDF form but the paper pattern is coming soon.
  • Sew Over It released their Anderson Blouse as a PDF pattern. This isn't the kind of style I usually wear but I'm quiet drawn to it for Autumn/Winter this year. I'm a big fan of Sew Over It patterns so I might give it a whirl.
  • Waffle Patterns has just released the Monaca Drape Wrap Shirt. It's an oversized design featuring a dropped shoulder and twist at the front that I'm quite fond of. I like the plaid sample version paired with jeans!
  • And finally Make My Lemonade released the Nina Jumpsuit today! I love the look of jumpsuits on other people but am yet to find a design that I think would suit me and my short stature. I'm not sure if this one might overwhelm me a bit?


  • See Kate Sew has been running a sew-along for her Callie Top. That's sadly it for sew-along news this month, as far as I'm aware. I've noticed a decline in the number of sew-along posts recently and I do hope that it's something that doesn't peter out as I find them really useful, particularly for more complicated patterns. Although I appreciate that they most be very time consuming for the designers who are often working with limited resources.


  • I was really excited to see Heather Lou from Closet Case Files put a call out for testers for a coat pattern. If I'd had more time on my hands at the minute I would have been on that like a shot! I can't wait to see what kind of design she has come up with and am also looking forward to some coat making tips on her blog.
  • The new pattern from Grainline Studio is being released tomorrow! I haven't been able to work out what it might be from any sneak peaks I've seen so I can't wait to see!
  • Also coming tomorrow is the Autumn/Winter collection from Named. It's entitled 'New Black' and I'm really keen on their contemporary aesthetic so I can see September being an expensive month pattern wise for me!
  • Kristiann from Victory Patterns has revealed that she is hard a work sampling for new patterns now she has completed her book. In the future she will be releasing patterns one at a time at more regular intervals. I always felt she included some really interesting design details so I will be looking forward to seeing more from her.
  • The autumn collection from Deer and Doe is also coming soon. I am always sad to see summer go but all these sneak peaks of autumn sewing have actually got me quite excited for the change in season!
  • Pearl Red Moon has got two new patterns in the pipeline. The Hester Skirt is due to be released this week and Scarlett will be next, which is a tunic pattern including a zip fronted sleeveless jacket variation.
  • Marilla Walker will fairly soon release a pattern for a kind of capsule wardrobe which includes pattern pieces to make up a jumpsuit, dungarees, dungaree dress and woven tee. Perhaps this will be the jumpsuit pattern I have been waiting for?!

Other Exciting News

  • Sew House Seven PDF patterns have been reformatted to use less paper and copy shop versions are now available. I'm really pleased to see so many designer's really thinking about the layout of their PDFs and trying to reduce waste and also assembly time.
  • Victory Patterns' Kristiann has a book coming out soon! It's called 'Boundless Style' and includes mix and match modular patterns which you can play with to create your own designs.
  • Wendy from MIY Collection updated her straight neck vest and dress pattern which is now called the Walkley Vest Dress. It now has a copy shop version and uses her new sizing system.

As always feel free to let me know in the comments about any news I may have missed and I will update the post as soon as I am back in London or include it in next month's post. As always here's a little bit of indie sewing inspiration to start September off well!


  1. Thank you so much for this monthly update. I always look forward to this post!

    Have a lovely trip to the States. I hope you find some great fabrics to take home too!

    1. You're welcome Melissa! Thanks for the well wishes, back home now and am getting a post ready to share my shopping with you guys!

  2. Look forward to this every month. Already jotted down some new patterns to buy.

    1. You're welcome! I had quite a few new additions to my wish list this month!

  3. aah just spotted this - you definitely need a denim laurel in your life! everyone does!

    1. After seeing yours I can believe that's true Rachel!

  4. Thanks so much! hope you are having a wonderful time - and loading up on gorgeous fabrics;)

    1. You're welcome!
      And thank you! It was an absolutely fantastic trip and my suitcase was indeed a lot heavier on the way back...

  5. Thanks for the mention of the MIY Collection Walkley pattern Fiona and I just noticed I'm on your very comprehensive list of indie pattern designers along with my book! Hooray!!

    1. You're welcome Wendy! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!


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