Saturday 8 October 2011

First Dressmaking Project!

One thing that has spurred me on in my sewing and to start my blog is that my nan recently gave me her old patterns which she had kept from the 1960s/70s. Firstly these are just amazing to look at from a historical perspective (not sure if she'd like me describing her possessions as 'historical' but i couldn't think of a better word!). Secondly there are many of them i want to make and wear. I'll post some pictures of my favourite patterns which I want to work up to making later on but for now I've chosen quite a simple skirt pattern to tackle to begin with, Style 1033.

I've already spent a whole evening trying to decipher the pattern but I think I've finally got to grips with it! I'm toying with either view 3 or 4 as I want to be able to wear the skirt through the winter with my opaques so I'm thinking of using quite a robust fabric. I've had a look through the bits and pieces I've got at home and I think there's two possible options though I'm off out to the fabric shops on Berwick Street today to see what they have in the way of jerseys for another project so may well spot something there.

Of the two I think i'm swaying towards the thicker grey wool which is suggested for view 3 and 4 rather than the cotton, mainly as I think dealing with lining up the stripes may be throwing too many challenges into the mix for my first attempt! Anyone got any other suggestions fabric wise?

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