Wednesday 15 May 2013

Me-Made-May Week 1!

So I'm a little behind on recording my Me-Made-May - well a lot considering we have just passed the end of week two! It's not the wearing handmade garments aspect of it that I'm finding challenging but the photographing. I don't know how you ladies who are doing handmade every day of May and are putting up gorgeous photos are doing it!

I completely missed taking photos on the first two days so decided to go about it a different way! I've been taking photos of my outfits laid out on the floor. I know it's not as exciting as seeing it worn and it totally doesn't prove that I actually wore it but I (and my boyfriend the photographer!) can't cope with remembering to take a photo each day while I still look respectable!

I've pledged to wear 3 me-made garments each week of May and am so far really enjoying myself!.I think usually when I'm groggily pulling an outfit together in the morning I tend to reach for easy ready to wear garments as I tend to see my handmade clothes as 'special'. It's been really great having a reason to wear the things I've made and it's made me realise that they are just as easy to wear and launder as everything else! So here we go:

Wednesday May 1st: A day of costume fittings
Trousers: Levi Skinny Jeans - Macy's sale (from my NYC trip!)
Jacket: Black Tuxedo Style - Urban Outfitters (another sale purchase!)
Shoes: Leopard Print Pumps - H&M
Accessories: Star Necklace - Topshop

Friday May 3rd: Costume shopping and an afternoon of sewing at home
Trousers: Levi Skinny Jeans - Macy's sale
Cardigan: Old, long and black! - Topshop
Shoes: Nude Ballet Pumps - Primark
Accessories: Pearl Earrings - Tiffany & Co

Tuesday May 7th: More costume fittings, meetings and shopping
Top: Me-Made Black Lace Grainline Scout Tee (unblogged as yet!)
Skirt: Mustard Yellow Mini - Forever 21
Leggings: Ankle length - Topshop
Shoes: Gold Sandals - H&M
Sunglasses: Leopard Print - Primark (hooray for the brief bit of Spring we saw!)

I have got the Week 2 post lined up and ready to go but there's a pretty special make in there which I haven't had chance to reveal on the blog yet and I think it deserves a proper introduction and a post to itself!

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