Sunday 30 October 2011

Mini Project - Christmas Stockings

In amongst trying to get on with some other bigger sewing projects last weekend I couldn't resist getting into the Christmas spirit early and doing some Christmas crafting. I was inspired during a visit to Hobby Craft and promptly came home and whipped up these festive stockings for me and my boyfriend. I was going to keep them as a surprise until we put the decorations up but I couldn't resist showing him straight away!

They were very simple and quick to make as felt is so easy to work with. There are plenty of tutorials and templates online but I simply drew up my stocking shape on a piece of greaseproof paper and used that as a pattern to cut out two of the shapes in each colour. I then used a long machine stitch to join the pieces leaving the stitching to show as decoration (good practice for sewing curves neatly on the machine!). I hand stitched on all the trimmings, including the cheated ready made pompoms!

To make the tags I cut the letters out of the wide tartan ribbon I used for the cuffs and then blanket stitched them in a contrasting colour thread onto spare squares of felt. It was my first attempt at blanket stitch and by the second letter I had it down and up to speed!

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