Sunday 30 October 2011

Suppliers Part 1 - Haberdasheries

Over the last couple of weekends I have been out and about hunting for particular things I need to complete certain projects and it occurred to me how useful it would be to have an idea of where was good for what all written down in one place. So I thought I'd start a little series of blog posts about my favourite places to shop to pass on some of my contacts I've collected over the years and also see if anyone has got any other brilliant additions. Most of the places will be in London, although most now have shop online options for others elsewhere.

So first in line are Haberdasheries, I think the most important places to know (and also a word I can never spell correctly first time!). Here's a selection of my favourites.

Barnett Lawson - 16-17 Little Portland Street, Oxford Circus
One of the biggest haberdasheries I know of. They have a HUGE supply of all different trimmings; ribbons, braids, fringes, buttons, cords, tassels, you name it they've got it. They also have a very good selection of examples of their stock to browse on their website, although I think you are not able to order from there as yet. Obviously being in the centre of London they are not the cheapest but definitely worth a trip for something special.

MacCulloch and Wallis - 25-26 Derring Street, Bond Street
Again another giant. THE place to go if you really don't know where to get what you need, they have everything. Fabrics on the first floor, all you can need haberdashery on the second, and a further treasure trove of trimmings along with patterns to purchase on the third. They can be a little pricey as they are central again but I am always surprised by the reasonable prices of the fabric. And they now have an online shop!

Kleins - 5 Noel Street, Soho
A much smaller shop than the previous two but actually one of my favourites and the first haberdashery I ever visited in London. Situated just off Berwick Street it's perfect for getting trimmings after you've been fabric shopping and a small but brilliant selection of trimmings it does have. Really good for threads, great selection of ribbons out the back and there is a selection of more unusual crafty items downstairs such as fabric paints, dyes, felts and polystyrene balls! They also have an online shop which I have used.

Button Queen - 19 Marylebone Lane, Bond Street
The name says it all really; buttons, buttons, buttons! Of all kinds, colours, sizes and shapes. No online store but i think it's much more fun to rummage through the buttons anyway!

VV Rouleaux - 261 Pavillion Road, Sloane Square or 102 Marylebone Lane
Supplies all kinds of trimmings but are mainly fantastic for their ribbons, beautiful, beautiful ribbons which you can't get anywhere else. It's such a treat to visit one of their shops as they are all about style and can help you with trimmings for anything, from clothing to furnishings.

Wimbledon Sewing Machine Co. - 214-216 Merton High Street, South Wimbledon
A little local gem for me which I only discovered yesterday on the hunt for a particular foot for my sewing machine. As well as machines they have a FANTASTIC haberdashery selection and really can't help you enough. They also have a nice selection of fabric at very reasonable prices and a very wide choice of buttons and beads. There are affiliated with another store in Tooting, The Sewing and Craft Superstore which I am yet to check out but I'll keep you posted! Be warned their website(s) are slightly confusing!

Hobby Craft - Drury Crescent, Croydon
Very good for some creative inspiration and although their haberdashery selection is quite limited they generally have a version of what you need and I particularly like them for their ribbons. The Croydon one is closest to me but they have stores all over the country.

There are various department stores that also have a good selection of basic haberdashery (my favourites are of course John Lewis and Morleys in Brixton) but if I'm looking for something special I'd always prefer to go to an individual supplier. Department stores can be pricey and busy as they are generally the first thought for most people and there's always a wider choice with a specialist (which is not always a good thing time-wise!). It's of course always worth checking out a market too.

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