Sunday 13 November 2011

My Vintage Sewing Patterns

I started this blog after my Nan gave me a collection of her old sewing patterns which she used to make all of her and my Mum's clothes from in the 1960s/70s. I love having a look through the patterns and the instructions so I thought I'd give everyone a peak into the bundle and an idea of what projects I might be working towards. They were in a bag with some other treasures including these:

Below is a collection of various 1960s patterns including Style 1033 which I am currently working on. The green outfit in Simplicity 5231 my Nan told me a brilliant story about making in gold to wear to a James Bond theme party in the 1970s, I wish I could see photos!

How Mad Men are these two?! I'm sure the woman in the pictures is actually Joan Holloway! These were both in envelopes with my Nan's coupons on the front. From the postmark both are from 1960:

Some kid's clothes with brilliant illustrations:

My Mum must have been the coolest kid in school:

I think this one may be my favourite and might be the chosen outfit for my friend's wedding next year (including jacket of course). Now I just need to find the perfect fabric to make it in...

A lovely 1970s number:

Toys and dolls dresses:

I have also obtained this selection of rather 1980s patterns from a friend of my mum. I'm wondering if I can adapt them slightly to be a bit more wearable, especially that jump suit...

I've got my favourites, what are yours or your recommendations for what I get stuck into first as a novice stitcher?

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