Monday 24 December 2012

Looking forward to 2013

So things have been a little quiet around here recently (again!) but I can assure you that my sewing machine has been going non stop over the last few weeks! I've got lots of crafty projects to share with you after Christmas. But for now I'm thinking about all the dress making projects I can't wait to get cracking on in the new year!

Looking back over the last year sewing and blogging wise I don't feel that 2012 has been all that successful for me. I've really enjoyed getting more involved in the blogging community, attending my first meet up and making connections through twitter and commenting on other people's blogs. One of the brilliant things I've discovered about blogging is being able to take on the advice of other bloggers about new pattern companies and picking the right pattern, how to get the right fit, fabric choice guidance, not to mention all the help from fantastic sew-a-longs and tutorials you all provide. However, as always, I wish I had more time to use all these tips, use the inspiration I get from seeing all your amazing creations and just more time to sew! Admittedly 2012 has been a pretty crazy year for me work wise and as yet I have no idea what 2013 will bring but I hope next year I can devote more time to something I enjoy so much. I'd like to try sewing for just a little bit before I leave for work in the mornings and also make the effort to start on something when I get home rather than just collapse on the sofa.

The project I'm most pleased with this year without a doubt is my floral Lonsdale dress. I felt so proud of myself when I finished this as I really felt my sewing skills had improved throughout the project and I had tried things I had never tried before. I think I need to have more confidence in what I can do and therefore next year would like to try some more challenging projects and pick up some new skills. I have already signed up to Gertie's Bombshell dress course on Craftsy, which I would have previously thought way too advanced for me but I've looked at the reviews and with Gertie guiding me through every step of the way I reckon i can do it! It was Lladybird's lovely tikki print version which really tempted me to take the plunge, as many of her projects do!

After making my Lonsdale I have fallen in love with Sewaholic patterns. I think they are so cleverly designed and the instructions are beautifully clear. I'd like to use some more Sewaholic patterns over the next year, in particular the Thurlow trousers/shorts and Minoru jacket. This time last year I would never have thought I could make trousers or a practical jacket (it was simple tops all the way!) but I feel like with Tasia's careful guidance I actually could! I'd also like to make the Cambie dress, just because I love it!

Pictures courtesy of Tasia at Sewaholic

A more general goal I've got is to get to grips with sewing with knits. I've got the ballpoint needles for my machine at the ready but all i've done so far is take up a couple of ready to wear jersey maxi dresses. I'd like to try out some simple jersey tops as I always find these useful in my wardrobe and think once I've got the hang of it and found a go to pattern they'd be really quick and easy projects to whip up.

Another big project I've got lined up is a dress for my boyfriend's brother's wedding in May. I'd really like to make something special and have got my eye on the Elisalex dress from By Hand London, perhaps in a lovely silk dupion?? If you haven't heard of By Hand London yet check them out immediately! They've just released their first two patterns and I couldn't resist a little treat for myself before Christmas. They're hosting a Charlotte skirt sew-a-long in the new year and I think that's going to be my first project.

Pictures courtesy of By Hand London

That's already quite a lot of plans considering how much sewing I got done this year but I'm also really looking forward to discovering what new patterns are going to be released by all the brilliant indie pattern designers that are popping up.

Have a wonderful festive period everyone. Merry Christmas!!


  1. I do hope you've had a lovely Christmas. I LOVED my parcel! I'll be sharing it soon on my blog...if it ever stops raining here so I can do photos!
    In the meantime I've linked to your blog today to share your inspiration:
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Evie! What a lovely start to the New Year! It's my first ever blogging award nomination, how excting!
      I'm so glad you liked your fabric, I found it so hard to make a choice! I really was looking for a print as I thought it would be a more exciting choice but i just loved that purple.
      Thank you so much for mine, you thoroughly spoilt me with the endless number of treats to unwrap and I loved the print. There's a blog post about it in progress as I type!
      Happy new year!


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