Sunday 6 January 2013

Sewing Secret Santa and Swap Reveal

Before Christmas Vicki Kate organised the Sew Very Merry Christmas Swap, Krafty Kat organised the Sewist's Secret Santa and I jumped at the chance to take part in both. I had a great time picking gifts for my two partners and now it's time for the big reveal of what I was lucky enough to pull out from underneath my tree! To sum it up before I get into detail I was hopping-round-the-room-delighted!

First up is the lovely package I received from my Secret Santa.

Let's start with the vintage pattern. I LOVE it! I'm a big fan of maxi dresses and skirts in the warmer months (and also the not so warm months with boots) but have never found a pattern I liked that wouldn't turn out as an unflattering tube. This, with a bit of flare and a fitted waist, is ideal so thank you so much to the mystery giver! I particularly like it in the floral print on the envelope, don't all of the colours in the illustration just scream seventies?

Also in the package were some self-cover buttons which I'm really excited about as I've never tried them before. They came along with some little swatches of beautiful printed cottons and satins to cover the buttons with which I absolutely love as a gift idea. So clever!

Part of me really wants to ask who my Secret Santa was and the other part likes the idea of it staying a mystery forever more, I just don't know which part of me wins!

Next up I was paired with the lovely Evie from Pendle Stitches for the swap. I'd been pretty vague about what I was after as I liked the idea of being given something which I might not normally choose, as maybe I'd discover something different that actually really suits me. All I knew is that I'd like to make a dress and with that in mind Evie excelled herself with her choice of this gorgeous printed cupro. It's a larger print than I think I would normally be drawn to but I absolutely love it. It's quite a simple print in classic colours (both very me) and I think will look fantastic made up with a simple dress pattern which is exactly the kind of thing I like to make and wear.

It's my first encounter with cupro and I've done a little bit of research and am so pleased that Evie has introduced me to it. It's made from ultrafine leftover cotton fibres that are put through a chemical process to produce a fabric with similar qualities to rayon but which breathes and regulates body temperature like a cotton. Result! It's also washable and has a gorgeous drape. I'm going to be keeping my eyes peeled for more of this, does anyone know where might have a good range?

I've got a few patterns I think this could work fantastically with so I'm down to decision time now! I'm thinking the time may have come to give one of my nan's vintage patterns a whirl, or I could make another Lonsdale as I love my other two so much or I'm thinking of trying out the Marilyn Monroe style sundress from my Famous Frocks inappropriate as that may be seasonally!

I was thoroughly spoiled by Evie (you were much to generous!) and also in my parcel was this gorgeous fabric covered note book (perfect to help me remember to make notes of adjustments I make to patterns), a beautiful pin cushion (which has taken pride of place alongside the notepad by my machine) and a lovely little Christmas candle which is not pictured as it was in use!

Thank you so so much to Evie and my secret Santa for your thoughtfulness and generosity. I can only hope my presents were as much of a success as these two were and I'm so glad I decided to take part. Thank you also of course to Vicki Kate and Krafty Kat for organising both these brilliant festive events in the first place!


  1. What fab gifts! I absolutely love that maxi skirt pattern, and good luck with whatever you decide to make with the beautiful fabric.

  2. What beautiful gifts! I'm so glad you enjoyed taking part!

  3. You are so very welcome. I'm terribly relieved that you like the fabric. I was a bit worried but just kept coming back to it and in the end decided to trust my instincts. I simply can't wait to see what you make with this. The drape is amazing!


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