Saturday 22 June 2013

Thank You!

So I've got quite a few very deserved thank you's to be saying to you lovely sewing ladies (and gentlemen if there are any reading!). Reading your blogs and comments and just being involved in this wonderful sewing community generally puts a smile on my face but there's four things in particular to do with you lot that have put an extra big smile on my face recently!

First up I'd like to say thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post about my first experiment with the Elisalex pattern. I had a bit of a rough time with the fabric when making it and as a result was NOT loving the outcome and not feeling particularly great in it. Your kind and supportive comments have completely reversed my opinion and rid me of my doubt about whether this pattern was for me or not, so much so I've planned another one!

Secondly I was delighted to discover I had won Catja's Wellington Pattern Pyramid Giveaway over on her blog Gjeometry! Catja's sews up some really amazing garments, for example these super stylish 1930s lounge pyjamas she made for the Great Gatsby Challenge. Catja always has an very inventive way (somehow involving her cat!) to select her winners and this was definitely the most exciting yet... I can't wait to receive the 'pyramid of patterns' so I can host the next step here on my blog, so thank you Catja and Kitty!

Thirdly, and equally as excitingly, Jo from Sew Little Time nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award! Please do check out Jo's blog already if you aren't already a follower, especially this dress inspired by Peggy which Jo made for the Mad Men challenge. Jo was actually wearing it when I met her at Rachel's Blogger Meet Up here in London a couple of months ago and I recognised it from watching Mad Men it's so good! Thank you so much Jo, it's wonderful to be thought of as there are so many fantastic blogs out there to read, sewing related and otherwise, plus it's always nice to know that your blog is appreciated and enjoyed and that you're not just rambling on about nothing in particular to no-one! Here a Jo's questions for me:

1. What is your favourite film of all time and why?
Mmm...ok...stuck on the first question already! I can never answer this because there are so many films I love and my favourites and constantly changing depending on my mood. You can't beat a good old Audrey Hepburn movie though, I've quite a collection now!

2. What kind of holidays do you like? Beach, city break, raving in Ibiza?!
I'm sure a couple of years ago I would have definitely said a city break as I just love wandering around and exploring new places, soaking up the culture. Then my boyfriend and I went on an all inclusive beach holiday to Egypt and it was just amazing! So I think (as my family will find hilarious) any kind of holiday suits me fine!

3. I spend a lot of time commuting, if you had a spare hour on the train what would you do?
I spend a lot of my time commuting too (unfortunately!) and usually try and make the most of the time by catching up on reading blogs using the bloglovin' app on my phone, reading the script for my next show or reading a book.

4. What is the best sewing book you have read?
The vintage Singer Sewing Book that used to be my Nan's. It's from the late 1960s I believe and is just amazing to refer to for help with anything. There's no better way to do things than the way they were done then!

5. Knits or wovens?
I'm going to have to say woven's as I'm yet to venture into the world of knits but have plans to do so soon!

6. What is your favourite blog?
Now that one I absolutely cannot and will not answer!!

7. What other crafts do you do and which is your favourite?
I do love a bit of baking! I love making cakes for my friend's and family's birthdays and rarely make the same thing twice, I love trying out new recipes. I don't think my boyfriend minds it either!

8. What is your karaoke song?
I am absolutely terrified of karaoke and can't imagine anything worse than singing in front of other people so have never ever tried it!

9. Sweet or savoury?
I definitely have a sweet tooth!

10. What is your favourite accessory?
My pearl stud earrings from Tiffany & Co. which my mum bought me. They are just beautiful and I wear them with everything!

11. If I gave you £50 to spend on fabrics, patterns or craft supplies what would you make from it?
After making up the Lonsdale dress I am desperate to try out some more Sewaholic Patterns. It would be hard to pick just one as I've been toying with getting the Renfrew, Cambie, Thurlows and Minoru for quite some time but I'd probably make a lovely Robson Trench Coat in a colour like forest green and buy some fun patterned bias binding like this from MacCulloch and Wallis to add a fun finish to the inside!

And I'm going to nominate some new followers and commenters on my blog, so you can hopefully find some fun new blogs to read. I'm going to be cheeky and ask them the same questions that Jo asked me above!

  1. Jen from Jennifer Lauren Vintage
  2. Jane Elise from The Time Poor Sewer
  3. Sabine from Cat By Design
  4. Charlotte from Charlie Says Sew
  5. Kathryn from Kathryn's Busytown
  6. Ramona from ThreadTime
  7. Tania from Sew It Anyway
  8. Kelly from Make Sew Do
  9. Sue from SweetPea Family
  10. Louise from There She Sews
  11. Nicki from Measure Twice, Cut Once

The last final bit of excitement and big news is that after celebrating passing 50 followers on Bloglovin' not long ago, I've now just passed 100! I was bursting with excitement when I noticed I was on 99 and I must admit I did keep checking quite a lot to see if I'd made it into triple figures... Thank you very much new reader Kathyrn from Kathryn's Busytown for being no. 100! I can't believe there's 100 people in the world interested in what I've been sewing but I'm so glad there are. I'd better get back to cutting out my next couple of projects now hadn't I, so I can keep all 102 of you entertained!


  1. Ahhhhh, I hope you DO make a forest green trench because that would be amazing! Love the animal-print bias binding-- yum!

    1. It's great isn't it?! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a forest green cotton twill! My birthday is towards the end of summer so I'm thinking I might ask for some patterns including the Robson, just in time to make it for Autumn!

  2. Oh, Thank you for nominating me and congratulations on your 100+ subscribers. Can't wait to see your endeavors with knits!

    1. You're very welcome sabine! The knit endeavours are going on...taking a bit of getting used to!

  3. Ah, thank you for the lovely comments about my blog (and my Kitty, lol). We are both so delighted that you were the Pattern Pyramid winner! And congrats on your Liebster award and on 100 followers! I have posted the Pattern Pyramid to you, so please let me know when you receive it! And, you will be delighted to hear that I posted something new (I joined the Pyjama Party sewalong) and, yup, Kitty is right in there! He can't help it, he is a Super Sewing Hero. :)

    1. Thanks Catja! So excited to get the pattern pyramid! I saw kitty in your pyjama post, amazing as always!

  4. Congrats, you deserve it, I love reading your blog. Thanks for my nomination, though not sure I entirely deserve that. Years ago I used to be a keen blogger, but not sure I have it in me anymore. We'll see!

    1. No problem Nicki, you totally do deserve it for all your encouraging comments on here!

  5. Hello! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. Thanks so much for the Liebster nomination - my first ever! It's lovely to read more about you and hopefully we'll meet IRL sometime, maybe at the August London meet-up?!

    1. It would be lovely to meet you IRL! Unfortunately I can't make the August London meet up which is a real shame as I think it's going to be a great one! Hopefully there'll be the chance to meet up at another point soon!


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